With Discover Pyrenees you will have advantages


Surf the Bravest Waters!

  • It is an activity between Surfing and Open Kayak, but for the Aguas Bravas. It is an activity not as technical as Open Kayak, but with 100% contact with living waters! From 18 years old.

  • It is about surfing the river with a board that offers us buoyancy and with the help of some fins, we are propelled to move. We will learn to read the river currents, always accompanied by a monitor who will come with the canoe at our side.


  • With Discover Pyrenees you get a 15% discount on the price = Adults 48 ? (15% discount on this price).


  • Know how to swim and not be afraid of the water.

Necessary material:

  • Swimming suit.

  • Towel and personal utensils to change and shower.

  • Sun cream.

  • We provide you with neoprene suits and neoprene boots, helmet and life jacket.

Meeting point:

  • Rafting Parc Crta. Circumval.lació, s/n, 25700 La Seu d’Urgell, Lleida


The price includes:

INSURANCE of civil liability, sanitary and rescue.
GUIDANCE and accompaniment by instructors and certified guides for the activity.
– The essential MATERIAL to carry out the activity.

Price doesn’t include:

Personal Material: according to the activity to be carried out.
Travel to the activity area.
Lunch or dinner (in case the activity takes place during this time).

To consider:

– We reserve the right to change, modify or cancel any activities due to weather and safety issues.
– In case of bad weather or cancellation, we will always look for alternatives or we will be compensated with a voucher to exchange it for another day or other activity.
– Cancellation policy: if the cancellation is made more than 72h in advance, the money will be returned or it will be left as a deposit for another day. If it is done between 72h and 24h before the activity, the 50% refund will be made. Within 24 hours prior to the activity, 100% of the activity will be lost.